Aberdeen Play Forum can provide support and guidance to Schools and Out of School Clubs looking to improve play in the playground.  We can provide staff training on the value of play and getting outdoors.  We can help schools to source resources and introduce these to the children in a safe way. We involve the children in safety discussions and risk assessing the play kit, these them help formalise a set of Risk Benefit Assessments for the setting.

We can help Schools and Out of School Clubs with the implementation of daily Loose Parts Play opportunities – by participating in our Loose Parts Play programme.

Our Play Ranger’s run Loose Parts play sessions in Schools and Out of School Clubs across the city.  They come along with their Play Kit full of exciting resources for the children to play with.  The Play Rangers encourage the children to engage in challenging play (including tree climbing) and work with the PSA’s to increase their confidence in facilitating play.

Schools and Out of School Clubs